About Us

We are a website that is designed by students for students. We aim at making your Trent and Peterborough experience more rewarding. This website includes articles on an array of topics, such as culture, healthy living, financial planning, relationship advice, adjusting to the Canadian environment and being away from home.

You can post comments, concerns, opinions, about any issues that you feel are relevant to a student’s experience. Visit this website to find great places to eat at, when looking to get away from school work and explore the city – this website provides information about great places to go to. It is a ground for you to interact with other who have had the same experiences or share your experiences with your peers. Have a problem and want advice but still want to be anonymous? You can do that here!

What Is TrentBook?

  • A Website Blog: By Students; For Students!
  • Looking for things to do?
  • Concerned about healthy living?
  • Need help on how to go about getting financial aid at Trent?
  • Interested in learning about different cultures?

What Can You Do?

  • Read articles and post comments
  • Submit questions and suggestions from your experiences

How Do We Help?

  • Provide an informal ground for students to interact and help each other
  • Everyone has questions, but don’t know where to ask. Let your peers help you… and you can help them too!!

DISCLAIMER: The views and information posted on this website are general information and some might not be the views of the website creators. Visitors should not act upon the advice and information posted on this website without adequate research, and TrentBook can not be held liable or be responsible for any of the actions that users decide to act on with the information gained from this website.

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